The primary focus is on sustainability - the ability of all humanity to continue to use buildings for peaceful purposes and socioeconomic benefit over the long term. It is important to address sustainable architecture because the practice is almost non-existent in Indian cities. Also, there seems to be some ambiguity on what exactly constitutes sustainable architecture. The key to architectural sustainability is to work with, rather than against Nature to be sensitive so that we do not damage the natural systems. Architectural sustainability mirrors the view that it is necessary to position human activities as a non-damaging part of the ongoing ecological landscape, with a belief that nature knows best.


Architecture in its contemporary environment is heading towards performative art, with the surroundings acting as the stage on which the building is able to perform and be on the show. The feelings, qualities, space, and quantities of the building reflect the human roles and relationships with money, color, value, feelings, and action all becoming entwined. Building performance is a guiding design principle as an emerging approach to architecture. The building's characteristics are a reflection between the materials and how they create flexibility to the performance, instead of being a building that creates no movement visually or through. Both visually and structurally, the building is moving the building complements the performance. Our role as an architect in performance is to understand the multiply effects in material and time, rather than to simply predict.


The visual spaces' emotive process depends on the aesthetical elements of architecture emotions, color, light, material, texture, shape, form, size as well as their interrelationship. At space edge architects, we use a creative process to rationalize these different requirements to create a unified whole.


We at space edge architects offer a multitude of architectural choices, provided that they stand out from what is normally done. Our philosophy is based on a principle that is shared by all those who practice it the desire and the will to design and build things that are different from what was done in the past and what is usually done today. We aim to break away from the processes and ways of thinking that have become standard. It is innovative.


A graceful building becomes iconic by striking a permanent pose. Such elegance in Architecture makes it a timeless fashion. But this elegance goes beyond just the aesthetic covers of buildings. Within such timeless buildings lies a structure giving its aesthetics an extended life and imparting a visual identity to the building.